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I share my story of overcoming adversity

to inspire others to

reach their full





Mike's message of "power over pain" contains universal principles that everyone can relate to. His story is one of loss, forgiveness, hope, overcoming, and love.

Mike Lee is a former public school teacher who experienced two tragic incidents which left him blind by age 24.  He uses his powerful story to inspire, motivate, and touch the lives of others. 

Mike is a proud graduate of Hampton University with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. He is a Certified Matchmaker & Relationship Coach.

Marble Surface

Mike has become known for the phrase he recites daily.... "This Life is for The Living!"

Now you can purchase your own merchandise with this phrase! To purchase your own "This Life is for The Living" t-shirt or hoodie, visit the online store:

Marble Surface

Relationship Coaching

Mike offers pre-marital relationship coaching & officiates weddings. He also offers relationship coaching for singles and couples. Are you ready to recharge your relationship or take your love to the next level? Mike can help get you there!


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Mike may not have perfect eyesight, but he definitely has an eye for fashion! Mike will envision you as the best version of yourself and help you gain confidence through your style.

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IMAGE Consulting

Schedule a personal styling session with Mike today!

Style Matters!


Are you looking for a dynamic speaker for your next event, conference, virtual summit, or meeting?

Mike speaks to youth groups, corporations, community organizations,

church groups, conferences, and schools.
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